Friday, May 23, 2008

Mint flavored raw sugar

When I have some spare time I like to prepare spiced salts, aromatic sugars and spicy oils.
I will use them to add flavor to some dishes or just to add to a simple salad.
Sometimes I put them in small jars and I offer them as gifts.

Recently I had a love at first sight for fresh mint and so I decided to prepare the Mint flavored raw sugar, which I use for evening infusions.
Mint is really wonderful: cool, refresh, digestive and colorful! It has also an intriguing explication according to Greek Mythology.

This sugar can also be used as decoration for other desserts, or to prepare a tasty and refreshing ice tea.

In the photo the sugar is accompanying a hot herbal tea, and is presented with the glass marker "Cheers spirals" that I created a few months ago after a little party I did with friends trying to solve a big problem: " Francesca, Where is my glass?."
During the party my guests continued to ask: '"Is this my glass?" or "I lost my glass" or "I thought that I put my glass on the shelf but I'm wrong, where is it?"and so on...
A glass marker is always a great idea also if you do a cheers with 4 friends!

"Cheers spirals" is a set of 6 glass markers made with copper thread.
They're easy to put on glasses and easy to remember and your guests will absolutely appreciate their utility; at the same time they'll add a decoration touch to your reception. If you like them or simply need them click here to shop, or have a look at this different model.

So if you want to prepare this special sugar you will need:

- two large bunches of fresh mint.
- 100 g (3.5 oz) of raw sugar (don't mix it up with brown sugar!)

*wash thoroughly the mint leaves and dry them well.
* put the sugar and mint leaves in a mixer and mix for 3 minutes
* put the sugar on a sheet of absorbent paper and allow the sugar to dry (at least 48 hours).
* store the sugar in an airtight jar

Now you have your special sugar ready for the summer when it's the right time to have a fresh drink!


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Ciao Francesca!

I love your mint infused sugar! It is so useful for so many things. I too enjoy making things like this for the kitchen when I have the time!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

DebinHawaii said...

I do a lot of flavored salts--curry, kaffir lime, green tea, etc. Lately getting into blending my own teas but but I haven't done much with sugar yet other than some lavender sugar I made once. Love the mint sugar idea!

Anitha said...

Hi francesca,
Thank u for ur comment..I love italian food..I visit italian restaurents often especially olive garden here in US.I tried ur mint flavored raw sugar and it came out well.I made lemon juice using that sugar and it was awsome..Thanks for sharing..

francesca said...

Thanks Anitha for the idea. I absolutely will try the mint sugar with lemon juice, good match!

Bea said...

What a very good idea Francesca, thank you for sharing it with us... I wil definetely try it out soon. B