Monday, May 5, 2008

Strawberry risotto

This recipe is for the strawberries' lovers like myself. During the season (and yes, now it's the season!) I would like to eat them every day.

Strawberry risotto is a good occasion to taste them differently and at the same time it will open your mind to something really particular: at the same time very fragrant and light.

The basic recipe of risotto fits in very different combinations, so why not strawberries!?

I find the napkin ring "DANCING DAYS" to be the perfect match for the presentation of strawberry risotto. Dancing days is handmade with copper thread and pearls (imitation), it's inspired by the dancing beat of the wings of butterflies during summer time. Click here to shop for them.

Regarding the preparation of risotto I can say that, generally, it's very easy, but its success will depend mostly on the taste of the strawberries and on the type of rice (arborio or carnaroli rice are the two best qualities for risotto. They absorb lots of water and the grains remain firm giving at the same time a creamy consistency).

I like to prepare it for my friends: at first sight they are amazed and show an initial hesitation but after a few bites... they become enthusiastic!

Children fall in love with this risotto: they're excited to have the possibility to eat strawberries in a main dish, not to mention the pink color, that will attract their attention immediately.

Regarding the presentation: to be honest, every time I prepare the risotto I tend to present it in a different way. This time, as you can see from the picture, I have chosen a pale green plate, since I wanted to give an airy and carefree touch. In addition I find the flower shaped plate in perfect harmony with the pink of the risotto.

Time 40 minutes
320 kcal per person

For 4 people you'll need:
-1 basket of strawberries (250 g - 8.5 oz).
-250 g rice (8.5 oz) arborio or carnaroli
-12 cl (1/2 cup) red wine
-1 l (1 quarter) of vegetable broth (prepare it by boiling 1 small carrot, onion and a piece of celery for about 30 minutes)
-50 g (1.8 oz) grated Parmigiano Reggiano (real Parmesan) cheese
-1 teaspoon of butter
-2 tablespoons of ricotta cheese

* put a pot on the heat, add and melt the butter, add the rice and about 200g (7 oz) of strawberries (washed and diced), mix well and add the red wine
* when the wine is absorbed you can begin to add the broth, and you continue to mix until the complete absorption of all the broth (so after about 20- 25 minutes)
* remove the pot from the heat, add the Parmigiano cheese, a pinch of salt, the remaining strawberries cut into small pieces and ricotta cheese.
* mix well, prepare your presentation and serve immediately!


Aran said...

Hi Francesca! First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. Second, this recipe is so intriguing! I want to taste it right now because it has interesting sweet and savory ingredients that sound delicious together. Well done!

Tartelette said...

Unsual and yet very refreshing in looks and taste! Good luck with your blog!

Rosa said...

What a wonderful recipe! . Strawberry risotto that so original. I only speak a if there's anything incorrect sorry.

ridge said...

Hi Francesca, I want to prepare this risotto next time I throw a party in LA! You rock!

Bea said...

Hi Francesca!!! Thank you for your visit I kind comment on my blog...I cannot find your email anywhere so if you want to e mail me on elrincondebea(at),I will send you a scanned copy of the original carrot recipe with the frosting!!!. Also if you leave a comment on the fist post , saying what you favourite food book is, you can enter a prize draw of this book Mastering Cakes... latest saturday 19.00 GMT... I look forward to your news. Regards. B